COD Zombie Survival like mode

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Do you guys would like a mode survival with some kind of monsters similar to COD Zombies?

I saw COD4 Zombie Temple gameplay and it was very interesting, lots of objectives, time limits and many came and goes tasks.

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(Mc1412013) #3

In dirty bomb no. Db was ment to be more realistic then cartoony.

If they wanted to add an arcade mode mutated people and animals would fit better with radiation than zombies.

(lottalava) #4

Could be some kind of robots also, but I liked the idea of a more complex objective map with multiple layers. And if you do one task wrong you fail the whole level.

A game mode where players work together to defeat the map and its forces. Getting harder and harder as the time passes.

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I believe tf2 has that mode

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Never actually played CoD Zombies or even any normal CoD game, but isn’t it basically just PVE CoD?
If so, Dirty Bomb but PVE would be pretty cool, plenty of other games have done similar and it’s usually pretty fun. Ik there are gonna be a lot of people screaming about how it’s too different from normal DB, and if DB were still in development I’d definitely rather other stuff be worked on first, but if priorities weren’t an issue, I know a lot of people have been wanting a new gamemode for a long time, and this would definitely shake things up

PVE would give a lot of non-meta mercs a chance to shine too. Defensive mercs like turtle, bush, guardian, etc are pretty boring in pvp and no high level person ever really plays them, but I’d imagine their abilities could be great in PVE. Engineers in general could benefit a lot from basic things like repairable traps/doors/barricades/etc, since they’re generally kinda boring as a class

(Mc1412013) #7

Db needed this to begin with. Repair blowup ev,gen kinda repetitive.

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Honestly I wish we had more secondary objectives that weren’t absolutely crucial to winning the match… Just small stuff like having to repair an MG or raise a ramp to make a jump easier, not all stuff like the barricade in bridge

Although granted I can see why they didn’t do a lot of that. It can be hard enough coordinating a team with no secondary objectives, doing several AND repairing something like the EV would stretch things thin. Just look at all the people who run off to repair the ramp in chapel before the EV is up. Doesn’t help that DB maps are usually pretty open and linear too, so they don’t really facilitate secondary objs.

I just wish the devs had thought of some more interesting way to repair the EV instead of holding F and slowly waddling from side to side. Maybe some kind of long range continuous beam that gets more effective the closer you are, or some throwable drone that sticks to the EV and repairs it for a bit? Anything really, the engis are just the most boring class to play. Proxy is eh, bush is slow and boring, turtle is just bush but with an even more boring ability, and fletcher is just clunky

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Enemy Territory was fun cause there was many things to do in each map, build/destroy command post, protect walls, passages and other secondary objectives.

One thing catch me in COD4 Temple, was a party where the team should kill some especial enemies in a specific order, in some pillar appears some symbols randomly showing the order those enemies must be killed, if you kill or shot the wrong enemy the team fail.

Here is the video if someone would like to see:

(Mustang) #10

It’s similar in design to Killing Floor right, meaning co-op zombie wave survival?

If so, it’s a fun mode, however one of the problem with DB has always been not enough players the in game modes it has, so for that reason I’d glad they didn’t split the playerbase, and focused efforts on making the existing modes as good as they could be, for the same reason I was never a fan of the segregated FACEIT move, and would rather they’d integrated a native ELO system into the existing games.

(Mc1412013) #11

Fairly sure they will have to kill face it. Doubt any one will wanna rent a server for a mode no ones using