Chrome: Currency Changes & Mode Availability

(g00n) #21

OS X Yosemite version 10.10
iMac 21.5 inch late 2013
latest Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104

(tinker) #22


Is your phone overheating? That behaviour is really rather odd.


the ipod is just as hot as it is when playing any other game … like Infinity Blade, Respawnables, Indestructibles, Fantasy Rivals…

these other games ALSO crash, but just not as often as Rad Soldiers and not as early…
mostly when facing massive content input, like killing a boss, massive battles, animation, speach, game-center archievement, and/or loot gain… like … at least 2 or 3 of them at once

Rad Soldiers often crashes wayy before the game is fully started.
the Game Center is bugging here sometimes too… like it pops up, I cannot log into gemcenter, I cannot cancel the process, starting the game again will loop the whole thing

considering that Rad Soldiers won’t work on the next update on my device no matter what makes this problem go away quite soon…

still searching for the best option to continue playing, actually waiting for Project Ara, iPhone is not considerable for me… the ipod is still “quite new” - buying a new one is like 300€ for playing Rad Soldiers and I have a Galaxy Tab… so the same with iPad :frowning:

(g00n) #23

Today it looks like the end for me to use RAD soldiers on the iMac. It pops up with starting page but doesn’t load :frowning:
Ain’t the same going back to iPod it feels claustrophobic now

EDITED: Weird Next day I got on again?

(Beebi_Gun) #24

Wow is this for real ? I’ve chosen not to have this game on my Iphone for-- well… reasons. Starting by it giving me a crapload of problems.
Ugh~~ This is a disgrace. What a waste of time and money, considering I don’t intend to get it to any of my IOS.

@g00n: I don’t think it has been changed yet (has it?). =P I think you’re just getting the same error I often get. Sometimes it persists for weeks which forces me into taking breaks from the game, due to lack of patience to figure what on earth is causing it.

(g00n) #25

Absolutely quiet on forums, and I have lost interest in the game now which I find quite sad, so much potential.
But today tried out chrome and clicking on full screen it was totally black and all the page was stretched and squished at the top looking like a bunch of random colour. Is this the end of multiplayer chrome? Was gonna play computer to pass time.


Is this the end of multiplayer chrome?

(Silvanoshi) #27

Unfortunately the answer for to that question is yes for the time being. Should the Unity/Chrome situation change, we may be able to bring MP back to Chrome. We’re still evaluating possible alternatives for RAD to Chrome. Fingers crossed we find something that makes sense :).


I’ll wait for the return of RAD in chrome because I use only android.

(bigfluffy75) #29

Really sad, I love 2play rad soldiers but have chrome, now it looks like i can’t play any more what up with that. Don’t care about the money I used for this game, come on fix this so we all can play no matter what os we have…

(PukaBoka) #30

Farewell multiplayer

Multiplayer was the only real challenge.

I uninstall.

(Jason110) #31

[QUOTE=PukaBoka;516612]Farewell multiplayer

Multiplayer was the only real challenge.

I uninstall.[/QUOTE]

I will cry for the one in the grave of my chrome.

(g00n) #32

I unistalled old RAD and downloaded update now Chrome is officially not having multiplayer section at all. Seriously feel this a major blow to the game.

Ive decided to not keep game on computer till it returns to multi again.

(Stevieboy4) #33

However hard this is you should try to fix it, I am sure most chrome users prefer the multiply once they have reached a reasonable level.