Cheaters (Mainly Anti-Vote kick)

(Zolerox) #1

Just had a match with an aim bot cheater and i found a weakness.

TURTLE no amount of aim bot can kill you through a turtle shield so i ended up being the only person that can kill him.
(we won btw cheater lost)
Drop a turtle shield hide behind it and wait for aimbot to swing by SAY HELLO TO JAVELIN

Also there’s free cheats that stop yourself from getting vote kicked which is just too damn far.

My point is Im following this guy on steam so if he’s still not banned (like 2 weeks from now) i’d be proper bothered.
and im sure there’s much more but i’m just watching to see if he will even get banned

Vote kick doesn’t work for people wondering why people are not vote kicking cheaters Here’s why
The cheats they use have anti vote kick so if you try to vote kick them it says “A Vote kick against this player allready exists”

SO Splash damage Find a way around just vote kicking for cheaters.

Tick tock.

(Kirays) #2

I’ve removed the links due to no naming & shaming.

Trust me when I say EAC works fantastic, you can feel confident that the cheater you encountered is going to be banned.

Also, I don’t know how it is nowadays but in the past the aimbots didn’t work on turrets either so next time you encounter one you can try that out if you like. :slight_smile:

(Eox) #3

If you ever come across a cheater in game, report the cheater ASAP and leave your current game.

Please, do not promote any behaviour that would encourage the cheater to remain. Naming and shaming as well as trying to “fight against it” are two exemples of behaviour that actually encourage obvious cheaters to continue, since obvious cheaters seek for attention. Don’t give them what they thrive for.