Chapel fences

(Drac0rion) #1

Literally the most annoying thing on Chapel are the metal fences.

Could they maybe be changed into wooden fences? Not to be able to destroy them, but I’d just like to shoot through them without praying for the RNGesus that more of my bullets make it through than the enemy bullets.

I’d just prefer it shooting through fences was more consistent. Either let us shoot through them like glass or make it a real wall.

Or do some really like the fences how they are right now?

(reacti0N) #2

I second this. It’s super annoying playing Sparks and missing a revive through the fence.

(Yoma) #3

I agree totally, i tend to lose every fight where these metal fences are included. No matter what level the enemy is, i cant shot through these shitty things at all… . Just make them into real walls wouldnt hurt the map that much imo and if needed you can add some windows… .

(BananaSlug) #4


(Matuno) #5


(YeOldeButtcheek) #6

I would say just make them wider to shoot through so that it’s manageable to shoot through and so that you can’t walk through them.