Changing Forward Spawn On Terminal?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #1

I’ve graduated to a forum cool kid and can now create a poll to ask a question I’ve wanted to get some feedback on for a while. Apologies if this has been discussed before. In my opinion, Terminal is one of the hardest maps to defend once the forward spawn has been taken. There are very few times where I’ve been able to recover from that and manage to defuse with equally skilled and balanced teams. However, on the other hand, I’ll concede that Terminal seems to be the most common map where a team of good players can effectively trap the attackers at spawn. All it takes to control the map is control of the mg, the ammo hallway overlooking the attackers’ spawn, closing their underground passage, and defending from the balcony that has a view of their mg above the trick jump spot on the car. With all of this in mind, it seems like forward spawn IS the primary objective and once that is retained or taken the bomb plant is ensured/prevented. Terminal is definitely a battle of spawn time and pushing. I could continue going in depth about this, but y’all have played this game too and get the idea so I’ll cut to my question:

Should forward spawn be changed or removed? I personally would like to see it changed to another generator that can be destroyed by artillery or planted on. They could play around with the truck and spawn location, maybe prevent it from being in direct line of sight from the top floors, change the functionality of forward spawn or its location to begin with, and so on.

Your thoughts?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #2

Voila, my prayers have been answered. They deemed forward spawn as unnecessary and have reworked the entire map. Nice work, SD, and thanks @stayfreshshoe! B)