Changing BJ's player model / skin

(Hereticguy) #1

Hello there;

Can I learn how can I change BJ’s player model / skin in single-player? Let’s say I wanna change it with one of the Elite Guard models; how can I do that?

Thanks in advanced!

(sd2009) #2


There is a file called wolfenstein/main/pak0.pk3. Inside this file there is a folder called models/players/Bj

pk3 Files are renamed zip files. Replace the skin files for Bj with the Elite Guard skin.

That is it.

Remember that the texturing might not fit.

If it does not work, this means that an mdc or mdl file for Bj must be modified. You must search the pak files under wolfenstein/main/ and find it and replace it. Your installation path could be different from my example.

Good luck