Changes to Execution mode

(Exavidos) #1

Make it possible to select if you want to get the bomb or not. So there is an checkbox which you can activate if you don’t want to recieve the bomb at the start of an round. Ofcourse there always has to be one person who hasn’t clicked the checkbox on the attackers team. Reason behind it: You team has no engineer, and you are a sniper with the highest EXP, so you don’t want to have/get the bomb. Or you want to go an alternative way to flank the enemy. Dropping the bomb just takes too long.

Make the bomb throwable like in cs:go. If that’s possible, the first idea wouldn’t be that important. The player who gets the bomb should be decided earlier in that scenario.

Make the bomb carrier symbol only visible within a limited range. Reason behind it. Sometimes you can even see the symbol, while hardly been able to spot the carrier himself. So the defending team gets a small advantage because the know where the attacking bomb carrier is going. Happens most likely on overground.

Make the bomb carrier symbol dissapear while the carrier is covered in smoke.