Changes to Double Time have screwed up Reload Cancelling

(ProfPlump) #1

(To understand this post, you need to understand a) the recent changes for the Double Time augment, and b) what reload cancelling is, how to do it and how it helps. If you don’t understand those, please read the section underneath the long line for explanations, THEN read my complaints).

Now that Double Time has been updated, it is impossible for players who have Double Time in their loadouts to cancel their reloads by sprinting. This means that it takes considerably longer to reload your gun if you have the Double Time augment in your loadout (ranging from, slightly longer on guns like the BR-16, all the way to a drastically longer reload on guns like the Empire-9 or the Blishlok).

As well as this, before these changes, shotgun users that had Double Time were able to quickly cancel their one-by-one continuous rechambering animations of the shotguns with a quick sprint and immediately fire again, whereas now they cannot cancel the animation.

This means that, now, Double Time is a huge deficit for loadouts’ viability. Take Aura for example:
First off, Aura is not a very competitive medic (for reasons that I won’t go into now, as this post is already long enough), so she doesn’t need any reductions in viability (in fact, I’d argue she needs a buff to her healing abilities, but that’s another story). Basically, it’s important to recognise that, in most competitive games, people pick Sawbonez over her every time.
Now, Aura’s best loadout card was, without a doubt, her BL41 (which has a Blishlok, M9, Extra Supplies, Get Up, and Double Time). Given that this card contained A) her best primary, b) her best sidearm, C) is the ONLY card for Aura that can get Extra Supplies which is a hugely advantageous augment for a merc who needs to be constantly replacing her Health Station, D) has Get Up - another hugely helpful augment for all medics, and E) gave her Double Time which didn’t help that much, but could occasionally help out.
But this loadout is now hugely negatively impacted by these changes to Double Time now. The Blishlok has one of the longest reload animations of any SMG or Assault Rifle in Dirty Bomb, and so cancelling it early was incredibly important. However, if a BL41 user wants to cancel their reload NOW, they have to swap to their knife/sidearm/defibs and then swap back to their Blishlok, which takes a considerable amount of time when in a contest with another player. In essence, the BL41 card’s Double Time now has the opposite effect of having Drilled, and so Aura’s BEST loadout has been nerfed by these changes, despite the fact that Aura was already an unpopular merc for competitive players.

Aura is not the only merc affected by these changes (Proxy’s best card, KE12, has Double Time, as do 2/3 of Fragger’s BR-16 cards, as do 3 of Stokers already-lackluster cards (the three Double Time cards were never as good as the three that have Drilled), as do many of Sparks’ and Phantom’s less powerful cards, as does one of Fletcher’s best cards).

So, in CONCLUSION, the effects of these changes have been:

  1. Aura and Proxy’s best cards have been significantly nerfed in their combat effectiveness (and while Proxy’s viability is controversial, I don’t think anyone has been complaining that Aura is too strong, and yet she’s been directly nerfed).
  2. Sparks, Fragger, Stoker, Phantom and Fletcher’s loadouts have been ‘thinned’ in terms of viability (Sparks and Phantom especially are already known for having VERY few competitive loadouts, and now this has been exacerbated).
  3. And finally we are all having to relearn how to cancel reloads, for no apparently good reason.

These changes should be reverted or altered. One method could be to simply put an option in ‘settings’ called “Double Time prevents sprint cancelling” and allow players to turn it on and off. Another method could be to simply allow us to cancel reloads by tapping the ‘fire’ button (LMB default).

However, if these changes are not going to be reverted, Aura will need a re-buff, as her best loadout card has been directly nerfed despite her already being a 2nd or 3rd pick medic (almost everyone prefers Sawbonez). Either her Double Time augment gets replaced with something else (or even has the Double Time augment being the 3rd augment, so that competitive players can just use the Iron card to avoid having the augment), or we need to see a buff to her Health Station (maybe reduce its cooldown, or decrease the time it takes for it to ‘arm’ and start healing, or increase the healing rate, or give the station itself more durability etc…).

BEFORE it meant that, if you had “sprinting cancels reload” turned OFF in Settings, it allowed you (if you have Double Time on your loadout) to start your reload and during that animation you could start sprinting and it would allow your reload to complete its animation.
If you had “sprinting cancels reload” turned ON in Settings, you could start sprinting, THEN start the reload and you could then be reloading while sprinting, but at the same time if you started sprinting DURING the reload it would cancel that reload.

NOW (as of the recent patch), if you have “sprinting cancels reload” turned OFF in Settings, it makes no difference to before the patch. BUT…
If you have “sprinting cancels reload” turned ON in Settings, it doesn’t actually allow you to cancel the reload by sprinting any more, meaning that you have to either A) wait out for the reload to finish its animation (instead of cancelling the last bit of the animation as soon as the new magazine has been loaded in), or b) you can switch to your knife and back to your primary to cancel the reload.

Now, I’m just going to run over why reload cancelling is important in games like Dirty Bomb, for those of you who do not know what it does:
When you reload guns in Dirty Bomb, the actual magazine will load into your gun a little bit before the reload animation has finished playing out, meaning that the only thing that is stopping you from starting to shoot again is that animation itself because your gun is actually already reloaded. Now, if you start sprinting JUST after your gun is reloaded, it will cancel the final part of that animation and allow you to start shooting with a new magazine loaded in, often around half a second earlier than if you’d waited for the animation to finish naturally.

(MarsRover) #2

I’m all for an additional option covering your use case, but if I had to choose between before and now then I choose “now”. Before that Double Time was mostly a dead augment to me because I have “sprint cancels reload” turned on.

BTW, how are you even alive if you try to reload Blishlok in the middle of a firefight?

(Glot) #3

is it that difficult to switch to anything, and then to switch back?

(ClemClem7) #4

Personally, I back when I need to reload, so double time permit me to begin the reload animation and then sprint to go back. Then I stop the animation at the end by switching to my knife.
BUT I agree everyone’s not like me and some people prefer canceling the reload with the sprint button. So as it’s not this hard to have the 2 options, as it was in the game before one of the updates, it’s a good idea.

(Apofenas) #5

I never bothered canceling shotgun reload by sprinting because it’s easier and faster to just press left mouse button to do so.

Not saying anything against adding some special option for people who prefer to cancel reload pre-nerf way. But…

Before the change double time was screwin up things on other end, so having double time made your reload cancel if you start sprint, which led to same problem - you reload 2 times slower than you are supposed to, but in this case you could not have ammo in mag at all. So double time required a lot more attention to only benefit from it

There also was a bug with double time where such “sprint reload cancel” allowed you to continue reload shotguns after you canceled animation. They fixed double time, but it seems they didn’t bother to fix bug as i could reproduce it a couple times already.

Now about logic of reload canceling. You usually reload when you have empty/almost empty mag or between engagements, so basicly reload canceling shouldn’t be a thing here…

But whatever, you pulled mag out of gun but got surprised by opponent, so you decided to cancel animation. So…that mag suddenly teleports back into gun? I suspect that’s some future tech here, right?

From what i’ve seen, shotguns seem to finish their firing cycle, so if you didn’t load next bullet in barrel before you switched weapon, you do it right after you switch to shotgun back. I think same should be done with all other weapons, since atm you may just put mag in weapon, switch it and it will be ready to shoot again next time you switch back. Although i doubt this is going to be implemented, because nobody likes invest time into something to get whine at release.

(Captain_Forward) #6

Totally agreed with ProfPlump, I am so much used to sprint-cancel, and after update I’m tend to evade these loadouts with double time.

(ProfPlump) #7

Ok let’s say I’m using Double Time versus someone who has the same gun but does NOT have Double Time, and we’ve both run our clips dry and we are both on around half health.
We both hit the reload button.
Then I have to faff around swapping to my knife and then back to my gun, whereas my opponent just taps sprint for a split second and is already shooting back at me.
Due to him NOT having this augment, he has the advantage over me by about half a second’s worth of shooting, which is a serious difference when you’re playing someone evenly matched with your skill level.

Yes, it IS a pain to have to switch to and back. It’s such a pain that I’m thinking of using the BL72 card for Aura now (Blishlok + Get Up + Quick Eye + Cool) instead of the BL42 (Blishlok + Extra Supplies + Get Up + Double Time).

It’s basically the same difference between someone having Drilled and someone not having Drilled in a 1v1.

(Jostabeere) #8

Why is it such a big issue if you can’t squeeze out those 0.3 secs anymore?

(ProfPlump) #9

Because some guns have a much more extreme ‘cancel point’ that cut more time out of the reload than others.

Plus, even for a gun that reload cancelling would only cut the reload by 0.3 seconds, is a massive advantage in highly contested fights. In 0.3 seconds a Blishlok can deal 36 damage or 72 damage with headshots. So, on an equal-footing fight, the Blishlok user WITHOUT Double Time effectively gets around 36-54 damage for FREE.

(Matuno) #10

We’ve been over this just a few weeks ago. And before that. And before that.

(SzGamer227) #11

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say “cancel reload by sprinting” is massively overrated. Reload caneling by switching weapons works just as well, and if you’re in the habit of switching to knife when you sprint anyways, then the problem is virtually nonexistant.

There Double Time complaints make no sense to me tbqh.

(Jesus) #12

This shit again ? I mean what the fuck its like the third thread i see about that and i didnt even knew double time had been changed.
Anyway if shotguns gets it in the ass Im happy those shotfun shitgun needs to be eradicated

(TheStrangerous) #13

I can’t even sprint cancel, cause I have toogle sprint set on (it’s my preference).
Personally I’m more used to switching weapons to cancel the reload.

(ProfPlump) #14

[quote=“SzGamer227;170799”]I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say “cancel reload by sprinting” is massively overrated. Reload caneling by switching weapons works just as well, and if you’re in the habit of switching to knife when you sprint anyways, then the problem is virtually nonexistant.

There Double Time complaints make no sense to me tbqh.[/quote]

If you think it’s overrated, then you’ve clearly never watched Dirty Cups. They ALL do this, and it is one of those small benefits that can mean the difference between winning and losing a fight. Yes, it’s only a small difference, but the main reason that this is an issue is because this is now an augment that is actually a deficit, and that this deficit makes Aura’s best loadout worse even though Aura is already an unpopular choice in competitive play. That’s not to mention the fact that it lowers the effectiveness of the mediocre loadouts that belong to mercs (such as Fletcher, Proxy, Fragger, Sparks, Stoker) which causes there to be fewer and fewer ‘good’ loadouts per merc (e.g. Sparks has ONE loadout that trumps all the rest), rather than making 3 or 4 viable loadouts per merc.

(Your worst knifemare.) #15

Have you ever tried switching weapons or nah?

(KUST__LunarTM) #16

I’m so glad someone else finally pointed this out and explained it. Double Time used to be one of my favourite perks. If I was in a sticky situation, I could sprint away and then start reloading so that I’m ready in case I turn a corner and find myself face to face with another enemy, but it also did not stop me from having my reload cancelling by reloading BEFORE sprinting.

For those who claim it’s not different from weapon switching, you probably haven’t been in very many firefights. When you end up having to strafe around a lot, you don’t really have the extra fingers to be holding down two directions, possibly crouch as well, and be able to efficiently press 3 and 1 in rapid succession while you’re being fired upon. I’ve had people tell me to use mouse scroll to counteract a bad change to this perk. I’ve never used the mouse wheel before, heck I doubt it even actually works in DB. Even still, the time it takes to switch weapons to cancel reload is significantly longer than sprinting to reload cancel; it’s more tedious too.

(BananaSlug) #17

maybe its time for us to learn reload canceling like amerika, just simply change to your knife and weapon again

(DexterGrif) #18

The humor of this thread is you could just, you know, switch to your secondary weapon that is there for this exact reason!

(Soomic) #19

Wtf is wrong with you, there is more than half a sec difference between sprint cancel and switching weapon, with blisklok in enemies’ hand, it deals 36 dmg headshot, your at a heavy disadvantage by that time. Gtfo if you can’t even understand this.

(Soomic) #20

Bruh…noobs everywhere, 0.5 sec difference between switching weapons and sprint cancel is too valuable.