Change chat from numeric to alpha and some other tweaks?

(kakomoutroulos) #1

Hi all,

Is it possible to change the quick voice chat from numeric to alpha (like the option in ET). For example instead of using v-2-1 for medic it was sth like v-r-m (i don’t really remember the exact key sequence).

Also, is it possible to make the gun disappear :smile: sth similar to drawgun 0 ?

(PixelTwitch) #2

If you have a look though the Config files (EngineInput.ini) you may already be able to rebind the quick chat stuff but I do not know for certain.

When it comes to “DrawGun 0” I do not know but I really doubt that this will become an option as I assume that Skins will be a big part of the monetisation. Removing the view would kinda remove the value.

(kakomoutroulos) #3

Rebinding the whole chat is huge work (especially for me that I will not have idea what/how to do)

Anyway, I think it will be a nice addition to the full game as well as a friendlist!