Casual Group, Needs Players

(TheFezLlama) #1

Hello! This group is called Casual Core. If you would like to join, add me on Steam. New players welcome, but more experienced players are also wanted. On the group page we announce ranked matches, but you can also play with whatever group members are on. It is truly a great group of people. We are looking for new members (anyone can join), so at least try it out. Thank you!
Add me on Steam to join. Link to my profile:


(TheFezLlama) #2


(BananaSlug) #3

i will check tomorrow :slight_smile:

(TheFezLlama) #4


(Bestfinlandball) #5

i’d like to join, i sent you a friend request on steam

(PorkyPerson) #6

I’m looking for a group. Seems like whenever I try to do a ranked match I sit in the queue forever. I assume people go as groups more.

(TheFezLlama) #7

This is very true :slight_smile: