Castle Gothicstein [Remastered]

(AidenDemon) #1

This is the attempt to create the creepy atmosphere in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Original Castle Gothictein created by Duchovicius aka VVitchaven.

Release date: 5 may of 2015.

Official page:





The Third Reich we know never existed. In 1936 Adolf Hitler faced huge riot in his country. Germany was divided into two parts: Nazis and Teutons. After two years of civil war Teutonic Legions led by Erhard Schreck managed to reach union with nazi Germany…

Castle Gothicstein [Remastered] is not ordinary retexture stuff. We got lot of work with AI and now the game have a challenge for every RtCW veteran. Use your knowlege of levels to reach the exit, think before make any step. No matter which difficulty you choose, your skill will be tested.

(ronboy) #2

This is good news that the mod will be released in a few days. One question: what type of AI improvements have been made? :slight_smile:

(AidenDemon) #3

Accuracy, agression, attack skill, reaction time, weapons that they use, health etc. Now no more Rambo gameplay against black guard and ss elite soldiers. You really need think twice before make any step in second half of the game.

Check for official trailer:

(ronboy) #4

Version 1.0 of Castle Gothicstein has been released! Check my website for more information:!Castle-Gothicstein-Version-10-Released/c12im/554d651b0cf24874171e09af

(AidenDemon) #5

Thank you fella, i appreciate your support. :stroggflag:

(vicpas) #6

New version:

(ronboy) #7

Thanks, Vicpas. I will test it soon. :slight_smile:

(ronboy) #8

Aidendemon has released a patch for Castle Gothicstein! The download link is on my website here:

(ronboy) #9

Yo$hik has uploaded a playthrough for Castle Gothicstein! You can watch it on my website here: