Can't rejoin a ranked match

(mpod89) #1

This happens most of the time when i get disconnected from the server or otherwise crash. Right now i got disconnected from server error and i was on teamspeak talking just fine with my team. On entering the main menu I was asked if i want to rejoin the match. I clicked yes and it failed to join. I got the message dirty bomb will now exit and upon restarting the game it doesn’t ask me to rejoin anymore. This happened to me several times this season. It seriously sucks balls when you try to rank up. pls fix

(mpod89) #2

Ok, now i have a 30 minute penalty. ffs don’t issue penalties if you can’t make rejoin work

(KeinBaum) #3

I was in the same match and on TS with mpod. What I think happened is that his client noticced the disconnect before the server. So when he tried to reconnect the server thought he was still in the match. At least that’s what the UI showed.

(Kirays) #4

The workaround to this is to close the game from the task-bar.