Can't Open Advancement Case


Hey, I’m pretty new, so I just hit level 8. There is an advancement case sitting in my armory. When I click on it, there is a gray button in the bottom right that says, “Locked” and in the center it says I have to be level 7 to open it. I just wanted to report it, and if someone from the DB staff see this, I wanted to know if it would be possible for you to reset it or something so that I can get my loot. Thanks.

(Mustang) #2

Interesting, as the levels were adjusted recently I wonder if it’s XP based, would be curious to know if it unlocks when you get to around level 23/24 (the old level 7), it could just be the text on the case hasn’t been updated yet.

(DarkangelUK) #3

Are you sure its maybe a weapon skin crate and not an advancement crate? Would be good if you could take a screenshot.

(Soul Eatin Dragon) #4

I’m having the same problem a year later, so I doubt they just haven’t gotten around to updating the text. oh, and I have also just reached level 8. not sure if that info helps, though.