Can't join games.

(undercoverFlip) #1

Sorry for reposting, but TechSupp forum is d-e-a-d, my post aggregated 12 views over 4 days, so here I am posting this, please notice me senpai.

Hello, ever since the last update I haven’t experienced what it’s like to start a fresh game, because every time one is about to start, I just appear in the Home menu… Joining games in progress is fine, but when I want to stay in the same lobby for next round or happen to join a game inbetween maps, I always get kicked exactly 5sec before the game starts, already tried verifying game cache, my firewall is off and also tried from my friends house and same thing happens (we have a same provider tho).

EDIT: This issue is tied to my account, tried playing the game on my other steam acc and lobby works just fine.