cant get into ranked????

(Mc1412013) #1

Any one have this problem

(ImSploosh) #2

Do you have a ban? It would say it in the chat box if you do. That’s what happens when you get a ban, it starts and then kicks you out immediately. Not sure how you would get a ban without knowing, but ya know, bugs!

(hurgya) #3

I had the same issue this week, after cancelling search several times (checking the estimated queue length in both ranked and casual, etc).

Restarting the game solved it for me, though

(Nail) #4

was a bug, should be fixed now

(Mc1412013) #5

I havent played ranked in about a week

(bgyoshi) #6

I have a similar kinda problem

Every time my mouse goes toward Ranked, it immediately jerks to CMM and clicks that instead. Sometimes I can’t get even it to the red image for Ranked. In these cases it jerks to the right and clicks the server browser instead and I end up playing that.

I feel like my computer is trying to tell me something…