Can we get the cool new score screen in Server Browser please?

(woodchip) #1


(ImSploosh) #2

Yeah, sucks it’s not in the server browser. Most of it was already in Ranked and no one uses CMM. D:

(CombatMist) #3

Agreed. The new post match stats are great. They need to implement it for recent match screen. Id also like recent matches to include server browser. The devs actually in uhm reddit answered this question. The answer was server browser people come and go and they dont want people spending too much time on the stats screen and not voting on the next map or changing mercs. Me I take a quick look and a screen shot. I do wish I could see those stats for more than uhm 10 seconds.

(TitaniumRapture) #4

@ImSploosh said:
… no one uses CMM. D:

I do.

But yeah it would be cool to have these fantastic stats in server browser too.