Campaign server will not change map.

(BigBossBW) #1

I have no problem getting the server to rotate maps using the

commands however these commands only function with objective mode and challenge mode rules.

So my question is when you are running under Campaign mode rules how do you get the server to rotate through the maps without enabling hijacking? The server never switches off the map it is spawned on unless hijacking is enabled and then it only switches if someone hijacks it for their campaign. I simply want the server to rotate through all 8 maps without it being hijacked.

Any help is appreciated

(Anti) #2

What config are you running?

With neither of these set:


And either of these two set:

campaign set campaign_security
campaign set campaign_resistance

It should automatically progress to the next map in the campaign if the campaign faction (i.e. Security for campaign_security) wins. If they lose the map will be repeated, as it would if playing the campaign solo.

If you want the maps in campaign order but wish to contiue after every map then you need to build a custom map rotation that works in that way using g_mapRotationFixed.

(BigBossBW) #3

I was under the impression that the g rotation configs do not work with campaign setup and it is supposed to progress as you said. However with the resistance campaign selected in the config it still will not rotate even if the map is successfully won. The server starts on aquarium which as far as i can tell is the first level of the campaign and no matter how many times you win it will never change maps.

(gerg) #4

I was trying a few experiments to understand how specifically it reacts. I am trying to start the server with the campaign set campaign_security, but with the starting map (spawnserver mp/shipyard). I expected it to play through shipyard then reactor and then back to the beginning with aquarium.

I don’t think it is doing that, it seemed to just play shipyard over and over. Also I believe with the dlc, the What-Ifs have their own short, 2 map campaign, campaign_security_dlc1 or campaign_resistance_dlc1, which would play resort, refuel or shipyard, reactor, respectively.

When I used to admin a ET server, I had customized campaigns and put them into a .pk3 file (zip) to run. Can you do this as well, and are their any instructions on the syntax?

(gerg) #5

The campaign order I think is the following.

(gerg) #6

Testing, to start the campaigns on another map within the campaign and it seems to just stay on the map, unless another command is not right. I am running a non-hijacked server, in the bat command I have +set net_serverAllowHijacking 0. Here is the config file.

si_name “Brink Campaign Server”
si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign
applyServerConfig Standard
campaign set campaign_security
si_playMode 1
si_onlineMode 3
spawnServer mp/sectow.entities

net_serverRemoteConsolePassword “”
//set net_clientRemoteConsolePassword //rcon admin ‘command’, e.g. listbans

// team voip
si_teamVoipEnabled 1 //to allow team voice
si_disableVoting 0 //to allow voting
si_spectators 1 //to allow spectators

(gerg) #7

Started on even Aquarium and it did not switch when the Security won. Something seems wrong. Going to take out all the extra commands and see if it works. Going to enter the spawnServer directly into the Brink Dedicated Command Line, as I could have sworn this worked before.

(gerg) #8

Well it turns out that these additional commands I put in change it from being a standard to a custom server and the campaign map does not progress through the rotation. As soon as I removed the suspect commands, si_disableVoting, si_teamVoipEnabled, si_spectators does not seem to be command, it came up standard and then went through the maps fine.

So these commands change the ApplyServerConfig to a Custom, instead of Standard, and then the rotation does not progress. Now I am not sure how exactly to run a Custom Campaign-Coop map rotation, but it appears that it is different than the standard. It may be that you have to put the of of the Stopwatch/Objective map rotation commands, but I am not sure.

(soaringcheetah) #9

I’ve only gotten this to work when using the command “si_rules sdGameRulesObjective”. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between objective and campaign, so I’m curious too.