Campaign mode

(pHine4s) #1

Now that we have a fair amount of maps (wait SD, didn’t say enough!),
wouldn’t it be nice to play multi-map campaigns?
Possibly even with some temporary perks?
I know, my infatuation with ET:QW comes out again …

Any ideas?

(light_sh4v0r) #2

What’s the point?
In ETQW that had merit because you would transfer your XP-earned bonusses across the campaign, there’s no such thing in DB…
Instead you may be looking at something like Brink, where winning or losing a map determined the next map. I’d personally rather just vote for the next map though…

(pHine4s) #3

The point is bringing somehow the map related stories together by making them actually playable.
Dockyard is supposed to be the consequence of Dome, for example.
Right, there is no xp-related merit-system but since we are still in beta why not thinking about something like this?
And yes, maybe it could be more like it was in Brink - good argument!
I would find it somehow motivating playing the storyline given to DB (objective mode), even without merits or whatever, i know it’s not thought out.
What’s the point in having these mapstories or merc role stories?
What’s the point in Trinkets or Events?
It’s just a suggestion coming from an urge to merge all this and making it gameplay related somehow - cause i really like the game and i believe it still can evolve.
How many ppl are not really happy with the loadout/crafting-system?
But yes, i always can say “It is like it is and suggestions are futile” …

(light_sh4v0r) #4

So it’s a storyline you really want.
That wasn’t really clear from the OP, because ETQW campaigns had no story whatsoever :wink:

(pHine4s) #5

You are twisting my point.
In my head it all made sense :rolleyes:

(Nail) #6

let’s call it logical reasoning for the transition between maps, and then realize it’s not actually needed
some people like storylines I guess, never had one in W:ET, I liked that better.
play to win,not to progress

(REA987) #7

[QUOTE=light_sh4v0r;566363]So it’s a storyline you really want.
That wasn’t really clear from the OP, because ETQW campaigns had no story whatsoever :wink:[/QUOTE]

Sorry but what? Have you ever read the “Background” information during the map loading screens of ETQW? Yeah, unlike Brink there is no narrative driven story telling but every map was a portion of a big story. In fact, as ETQW was a prequel of Quake II, all the campaigns are won by GDF in cannon. :armadillochase:

(light_sh4v0r) #8

Sure, each map had a background story (albeit very thin), but they were combined in campaigns based on location and were otherwise completely unrelated.
Dirty Bomb also has a background story for each map, making campaigns out of them wouldn’t change a thing.
So I stand by what I said, the campaigns in ETQW had no story whatsoever.