C4 with green dispay and counter shows 02...01....00

(ASD) #1


I just want to defuse this C4 because it has this nice green shining … so there must be enouth time… but the display show 2seconds left… and it exploded 2 sec later… so the displayed numbers are correct but the color was wrong…
died while finding out :slight_smile:

btw… it was my own C4… I switched teams …


(Meetrock) #2

Do you realise there is a counter colored white that indicates the progress of the C4? And it was apparently close to full. The green color you’re talking about is only a model, I believe the team didn’t have “time” to procedurally replace the model as c4 stages change.

(ASD) #3

yes sure…
but this 3 things (progressbar, numbers, colors) didnt match… 2 of they say “run away you will die” one say “all fine come and hug me”

(Meetrock) #4

You’re not playing a realistic game. There is a UI system to replace everything the devs can’t implement as part of the graphics. The progress bar is there to tell you the progress of the c4, if you can’t understand that it’s close to detonation, it’s your own problem.

(DB Genome editor) #5

Because we all know that in real life bomb timers are conveniently color-coded for the eventual EOD tech… :wink:

In fact I never understood why you would want to put an obvious timer with a countdown on a bomb, unless it is to lure the hero into a false sense of security while it’s setup to blow up with like 37s remaining :grin:

(ASD) #6

i would display a count up… and no one knows if the boom comes with 100, 1000000 or maybe 123456576678