Buying Obsidian Stoker

(Kessuga) #1

So I’ve played for a couple of hours and I really like the game. I have some money to spare and I wanted to buy the Obsidian Stoker but I’m not sure does he come with the merc or is it just a card and I have to buy the merc for 50K? And secondly, do I use just my steam wallet to buy stuff in game?

(Kirays) #2

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely certain but I believe the merc is not included.
It would be great if somebody could confirm that.

Yes, you use your Steam wallet to purchase things in-game.

(d3st1ny) #3

The Obsidian Stoker does not come with the merc to confirm. You would have to buy it with real money or 50,000 credits. Just to remind you, this card is card can be obtained in bronze, which only changes the appearance. If have any other questions I would love to answer them.

(Kessuga) #4

Thanks for the answers! Realy helpful :slight_smile:

(downloaddragon) #5

Where can i Purchase this :slight_smile: , Any Suggestions guys ??

(arharr3) #6

@downloaddragon sale is over and will not return.