Bushwhacker coming soon!

(TheNinth) #1



It’s time for Armageddon, are you guys excited about turrets or do you think they’ll be lame?
I think it’ll be pretty fun seeing what people can come up with for placements.

EDIT: Apparently the Hochifir SMG was called the KEK-10 before…

(adeto) #2

Don’t really see him as being that useful in MM(proxies mines give more defensive options imo), publics will be fun with the turret tho

(watsyurdeal) #3

I would’ve liked Red Eye to be available but alright, seems like the kind of character my friend would enjoy tho.

(Steve Martin) #4

Once you witness a person who is good with turret placement you will be extremely pissed off and want to use him yourself because you think it’s ‘OP’ …

Then you slowly start to realize it’s not OP… it’s just another merc that requires a certain set of skills to max his potential.

I love how the devs have balanced this game. I’ve seen every single merc called ‘OP’ at least once…

The only one I kind of agree on is Aura… but she’s not that bad.

(Docrom) #5

best merc, welcome back buddy <3