Bushwackers Loadouts

(Thai-San) #1

Hello my dear Dirty Bombers!

I finally managed to save up 50k credits (what a grind) and bought Bushwacker with them. I really like him. The turret is fine and I love the KEK-10 for some reason.

Since i don’t need to save up anymore I focused on getting a good card for the new member of my squad. So i crafted myself a bunch of iron and two bronze cards but i noticed that I got a bunch of duplicates. Both of my bronze cards are from the same tree with the KEK-10 and three of my iron cards are also from the same tree also with the KEK-10. Also two cards with the SMG-9 and primary.

Now I wonder:
-Does any of you guys know how many known trees there are for Bushwacker? (Maybe you could post the codes, that would be awesome)
-Which weapons is he able to use? The same as Sawbonez? Is he able to use Proxy’s Hochfir SMG, or is it still exclusive for her? I’d like to try it, but I’m not a fan of her.

Edit: I own SM41; SM82; C41; C82;

(einstyle) #2

i don’t know bout the codes, but he can use the Kek-10, the SMG-9 and the Blishlok afaik

(Thai-San) #3

Aaah, too bad. I was hoping I could finally try the Hochfir…

(einstyle) #4

sorry for that, but as a little headsup, the Blishlok is much stronger in my opinion anyway

(Runeforce) #5


(TheNinth) #6

^ click that link, @Zenity updates his list like a madman

(vdll) #7

Aside from the highest ROF among primary SMGs, Hochfir doesn’t offer much, the DPS is rather moderate. I still enjoy it very much on my proxy, high ROF matches her high speed.
As for Bushwanker, I’d like to craft his Bronze card with Blish, Lock on and Steady, wich looks promising.

Can anyone confirm the HP of his turret tho? Can’t find it anywhere.

(Thai-San) #8

Yeah, I hear that quiet often and you might be right. But I played the blush for a long time since my Obsidian Sawbonez has that gun, but I for one don’t like her that much.
The low rate of fire makes a missed shot double as painful (and my aiming is far from perfect), the scope (even thou I love holo scopes) is like the worst in the game and the sounds aren’t that satisfying.
Right now I prefer the SMG-9 for Bushwacker and Sawbonez. But maybe I’ll give the Blishlok another chance if I notice that my aiming improved noticeable.