Bushwacker should get a turret alert

(TitaniumTeddyBear) #1

The title pretty much says it all.

When Bushwacker’s turret gets attacked or destroyed he should get some sort of alert.

It could be something as simple as an icon on the HUD that lights up when the turret has been placed, flashes when it’s firing or taking damage, and goes dark when the turret is destroyed.

What say you?


(R5on11c) #2

Good idea, reminds me of the beeps and health indicator of the Engineers machines in TF2.

(adeto) #3

You can hear it shooting? And if it gets destroyed(if someone destroys it from behind and it doesnt shoot) the HUD indicator on your screen disappears. Not that hard to know if its still there or not.

(TitaniumTeddyBear) #4

You can hear turrets firing, you have no way of knowing whether it’s your turret or someone else’s.

I’m talking primarily about it getting taken out while you’re dead, or somewhere else on the map.

As it stands the turret can be getting hit for a while and you’ll only know it’s in trouble when it dies.

I just think the indicators I’ve mentioned would be helpful.

(Szakalot) #5

I’m positive such indicators will be implemented. Previous SD titles had them.

(neg0ne) #6

good idea.
i would also like an increase of the time between “turret is taken down but not destroyed” and “turret detroys itself and dissapears” to give bush a change to pick it up to avoid long cooldown.

i understand why i can not repair the turret, but then it would be nice to have a bigger chance to pick it up when taken down to shorten cooldown.

(sinKrin) #7

Edit: My bad. Didn’t read the OP properly.

(Szakalot) #8

we are talking on the hud itself, not as ingame icon. So you dont have to look in the direction of your turret to see wassup