Bugs in execution mode

(Near ) #1

Hello, here some bugs with execution mode servers :

  • The best player at the end of the round show the player with the most xp of the whole server and not the best player of the current round.
  • There are no execution mode filter in the server browser.
  • Sometimes when trying to join an execution mode server with a match already started you can have a black screen forever. But you can still access to the console and typing the command “refresh manifests” will allow you do join the server (I dont remember the exact command name). EDIT: The command “refresh manifests” don’t do anything, you just have to wait 1-2min in the black screen.
  • When you finish to plant the bomb after that the timer is finished you have both voice “round lost” and “overtime activated”.

That’s all I noticed. Also thank you to make execution back, it feels so good.