Bug - Sign in could not be complete



I have been getting this error since the latest update. I thought it is a possible bug so I am opening this topic.

The message appears first thing as the game starts after the new merc-serv loading screen.

I have already -

Uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
Reinstalled/repaired all the distributable.
Deleted the config files.
Added exception to the firewall.
Verified integrity of the game files.
Added an exception to anti-virus.
Disabled the anti-virus and then tried to start.

Why I think this is a bug is because the day before yesterday was the first time I got this.
Yesterday, I was able to log in again.
Today, I am getting this issue again.

After going through logs I find that maybe this line is relevant -

Error: Failed to read file ‘…\ShooterGame\Content/WebAssets/data/blindboxes.pr1.json’ error ()

After this, I get tons of -

Log: Retrying login after failure…
ScriptLog: Refreshing DLC
DevDlc: Looking for DLC…

And then,

Log: Closing by request
Log: appRequestExit(0)
Log: [EasyAntiCheat] Terminate.
Exit: Preparing to exit.
Exit: Game engine shut down
Exit: Windows client shut down
Exit: XAudio2 Device shut down.
Exit: AK Audio shut down.
Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
Exit: Exiting.
Log: Log file closed

I recently crossed 1000 hours in DB, find it kinda ironic facing this issue exactly at this point.
Anyhow, help would be appreciated.

(bgyoshi) #2

Probably put this in bug reports


Dammit. I thought I was in bug reporting. The new layout of forums kinda confused me. Thanks for the heads up though.

(Dr Toot) #4

have the same issue, any news?


Where abouts are you based? Are you located in or near Russia?

(Dr Toot) #6



Before we go any further, make sure you’ve quickly read through this help page:

If none of that helps, make sure to create a support ticket and attach the following files:

  • Launch.log (located in Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\Logs)
  • Your DxDiag file (Start -> Type “dxdiag”, then “Save All Information”)

Once our CS team has that information, we should be able to help investigate further!

(Dr Toot) #8

thanks for the help, i’ve sent it.

have a good day

(ZaZa) #9

Before the update I had occasionally similar issues as you described;

  • Playing a round and suddenly it is ‘signing out’ and says ‘Error’ at the end.

Now after this recent update, which I’ve reported via the console’s own bug report feature, I’ve experienced:

  • When I’m at pub servers, not at FACEIT and joining one on-going round my screens turns black, I hear all sounds but no picture and then after I’ve pressed few keys the ‘loading’ appears and then it start working as normally, never had this before this update.

  • I’ve also experienced bug related the execution of DB client itself, note not FACEIT one and I try to execute the program and the first loading windows appears then it shuts down and the bug windows report comes and obviously I use that to report the issue and this never happened previous to this recent update.

(Samwei) #10

i was play game beta , but have not receive The Beta Veteran Trinket. Help me , please sir …my name in game : shoptaivini

sorry my English bad