Bug found, new training map

(Tony Aki) #1

Well, i tryied the new tutorial once, but after that every time i get back to it it gets me to the old tutorial, in which skyhammer is in the metro training, ot jackal´s training center. sooo how could i fix this. im going to upload a video soon, so please help me.

(Xenithos) #2

I can’t even join the new training. :confused:

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #3

Yeah same here; I already did it ages ago, then did it again to get rid of the achievement on my list when those were added. It just puts me in the old tutorial each time I try to see the new one.

@stayfreshshoe We need the devs to get on this stat :stuck_out_tongue:. Definately needs to be fixed before 1.0, unless you plan to keep such an embarrassing oversight in the game at launch :confused:.