Bug:Can't launch Dirty Bomb

(Harry_Callahan) #1

Dear SD
Thanks for reading , please help me with this problem
run Dirty Bomb as admin->Easy Anticheat check 100%->license window->App closes.
What I’ve tried :
*run Steam as admin
*Check for any kinds of updates
*Verified integer of game files
*Tried to run as admin (D/Steam/steamapps/common/DirtyBomb/DXSETUP.exe)
*Tried to fix vsredist all ver : 2005 ; 2008 ; 2010 :2013
Nothing helps. Please SD.
Your Harry_Callahan aka LOADSEOFEMEONE
with <3

(henki000) #2

After several times of updating and restarting my computer. Playing another game a while, it suddenly works again.

(Krakajak) #3

The Devs don’t seem to care about this problem at all, I’ve been experiencing the same problem, and so have many others and we have gotten no response whatsoever

(henki000) #4

Updated my antivirus and mouse drivers. It seems to work now.

(PorkyPerson) #5

Avast definitely had a problem with Dirty Bomb and would inconsistently terminate the game just after the anticheat splash screen. I added an exception for the Dirty Bomb files and it works fine.

(asdfPotato) #6

I fixed this issue by going into Avast.

From the main program, click on the Performance tab, then click on the Game Mode tab.

In the Game Mode screen, select Dirty Bomb and Turn “Activate Game Mode on launch” then save your settings.

Now launch it and it should work.

(Skyler) #7

ive been having problems with dirty bomb not starting, windows 10, but i have figured out a way so far every day for the past week and half, able to get it started, first restart pc, (shouldnt have to restart, but makes sure everything is “freesh”) open steam, launch dirty bomb, then open task manager, find dirtybomb.exe, and end task, do not end task on eac (easyanticheat) then launch dirty bomb again, wait 10 seconds and launch again. usually 2-4 launches usually triggers the splash page for dirty bomb and loads the game. also to make a note, i do not own avast anti virus. (disabling my anti virus and firewall did not work for me), but im able to play the game the way i have listed above