Buffing Shotguns and Nerfing Machine Pistol in the last balance update

(GatoCommodore) #1

I dont know why one would buff shotgun again and reduce the effectiveness of the machinepistol.

the rest of the patch i can understand but these two? really?

Sparks already suffer from really bad Revivr and now they nerfed all the machine pistol too?

do you know what people would do? They would just change to using pistols because its better than the nerfed machine pistols. What the hell.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

Guess too many were getting owned by Tolen Vassilis…

(Da_Mummy) #3

Well it’s not really a direct buff for the shotguns. To me this just looks like going a step back and making them close range blasters again. At least you don’t get sniped by an Aura with a Remburg when you are miles away.
But I’m not really sure about the MP changes. The problem might be that Sparks is unfortunately the only merc with them as primarys (if you don’t count hunter yet which I am not) and for the rest it was just a really strong secondary. There was nothing more stupid than a Vassilli that can’t hit sh*t with his rifle but whips this thing out the second you got to close and just spammed it until dawn.
I get the reasoning behind most of the changes and some of the (like the Grandeur and Dreiss buff) are really neat.
But that’s just my opinion.

(fryszopen) #4

Agree. a solution to that may be reducing the revifle min-max charge time but i dont see that coming anytime soon.
As much as i love sparks, i dunno if i would even be using her unless the change their primary guns, or buff the MPs again.

(hoyes) #5

Well they did also reduce the mind damage range falloff distance, effectively making the damage less consistent at mid range, and making it less effective at range ‘faster’, by a significant amount compared to the slight max damage range buff they got, which should be almost unnoticeable. The only thing that is of some value in terms of a buff is the reduced reload time, which again, is not too significant in terms of a upgrade. I wouldn’t worry in the slightest.

Now, the machine pistols was actually understandable since the revivr is so powerful in skilled hands, as well as loadouts on mercs that can take machine pistols where picked way more often than those with revolvers/pistols, as they are generally easier to use. Also, buffing the Simeon really helps the balance between Fletcher loadouts, so I have literally no complaints here.