BSP file size?

(Detoeni) #1

Good Day all,

Can someone tell me if there is a maximum file size for a BSP for use in wolf?
If so what is the limit?

All help appreciated.

(digibob) #2

Nope, there isn’t, though 30mb would be bordering on being silleh :wink:

(Detoeni) #3

Thank you,
The project I have been working on has got quite large, but no where near 30Mb.
I just wanted to make sure about the file size before any problems reared their head, but that shouldn’t happen.

Thanks again

(system) #4

My largest .bsp file was sized about 57MB, but i was just playing around with q3map2 options. :wink:
The level started but all lightmaps and textures were messed up. :bash:

(Wils) #5


How long did that take to compile? :slight_smile:

(digibob) #6

Can’t have taken much longer than Market Garden :wink:

(ronboy) #7

What a nice piece of history these old threads are! :smiley:

General Red has uploaded a video that showcases Market Garden! You can watch it on my website here: