Bronze Melee Weapon Cards Availability

(Jl001) #1

It appears that the current Weapon Cases do not drop Bronze cards for Melee Weapons (from the description of the case).

Is there anyway to get these now ?

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

you can trade others for them

(Jl001) #3

Thanks for your reply.

But apart from Steam Trading, is there anyway to get them in-game ?

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

They were given away for free for a few weeks last year.

(Press E) #5

Are you talking about any of these?

Cause if so, those were event exclusives a while ago. The only other melee skins besides those are all cobalt

EDIT: Also no, they’re not available anymore, so trading is your only option

(ThePigVomit) #6

Only 5 total melee weapons have/were/are ever available from cases. (Alice Kukuri, KMA Cricket Bat, Royal Force Stiletto, Corsec Beckhill, and Aquila Katana)

all are cobalt, and will always have a pristine finish, one type from each case type. And they are VERY uncommon.

Bronze melees were only ever given away during the Melee Madness event. You had to log in and claim the free ones every couple of days, they cycled through the list something like 2-3 times. Silver, Gold, and Cobalt variants were available for credits or rads (I believe)

If you want melee skins now, you’ve gotta trade for them.