Brink is FREE to play now fyi

(rookie1) #1

(REA987) #2

Wow, I have just seen that on Reddit! Wonderful surprise; will try with Wine soon. :infiltrator:

(JackPipsam) #3

Yeah it’s so weird!

But wonderful too.

(Nail) #4

I wonder if this forum section will get populated again

(REA987) #5

Hardly think so. The game has over 1700k players but majority of those are F2P triers. People use Steam Community forum of the game to rant, they probably unaware of existence of here or even Splash Damage as whole…

(njezic) #6

Brink has returned to life, there a lot of players, but need to provide a sufficient number of quality servers for all locations. I am in the EU zone and just yesterday I find a dedicated server (16/16) with an acceptable ping that I played 5-6 matches in a row that all went very smoothly.
We have some Brink groups (examp. B.A.G.U. or Brink-Croatia) with over 500 members that we raised up after Brink became free. We expect every day that the old players return slowly in game.

(taffy62) #7

Used to play on Xbox 360 and now I’m delighted to return to BRINK. Just need to get multiplayer working without so much lag.

Hope this move will reinvigorate the community and maybe even see the release of some modding resources or even a minor update. Wishful thinking, I know.

(msculley1987) #8

Truth is Brink was so good it COULD be one of the best shooters ever. I hope and pray a brink 2 and even 3 and so on comes out. Realistically tactical yet goofy and fun! Brink is garanteed success and sales!! The name Brink alone sales itself simply because part 1 was so good. It doesn’t need to compete with other shooters, it has its own element and style that will make sales and please the fans.

(Nail) #9

any further development on the title would be done by Zenimax/Bethesda

(tokamak) #10

I hope Bethesda revives Quake Wars again. The game is unplayable right now. Can’t get connected.

(REA987) #11

You mean Enemy Territory: Quake Wars? Which part could you not connect? As I have just checked now; authentication server (online account), update server (version check), master server (online server listing) and online servers sare live.

(tokamak) #12

Maybe I need to buy a new game then. Which is a whole new challenge altogether.

(REA987) #13

Are you sure you have an ETQW license code? Cause; online accounts work, creating a new online account with ETQW license code works; I do not get what didn’t work for you. BTW, if you forgot the password of your existing online account, password reset option currently does not work. Is that what you mean?