#Brink: 5 reasons to revisit the forgotten parkour shooter

(rookie1) #1


…Great shooting, interesting objectives, free running and RPG style skill trees; all things that modern gamers would go absolutely loopy for if they were all bundled in to one package in this day and age.
-Alex Nelson

Brink vs Mad Max the game …My Wish:) -rookie1

(Nail) #2

as always, wrong forum Rookie, Bethesda controls ALL aspects of Brink including the name and all assets

(_Eclipse_) #3

this would be cool :slight_smile: I love Brink’s characters style. And they were was quite customizable as well. A survival fps with Brink’s character style in a post-apocalyptic world be really awesome

(_milla) #4

well with dirty bomb no reason to play brink again:) but its still nice shooting game.

(abnorm) #5

thats happend to my Brink:

(cotuong69) #6

The picture is really cool