Bring Execution Mode Back

(LightningJovana) #1

I would like the Execution mode again because it’s the most “competitive” and fun mode there is, plus you can show off your Cobalts like no other mode. Comment below Why do you want Execution mode?

(NK.NewNightmare) #2

These forum site is just history, you know - or maybe someday it’ll be matter of the present again. Just maybe. Who knows? SD’s gonna know. SD has to decide and I think SD noticed what was/is still going on with the demand on the comeback of Execution. I’d really like to have Execuiton back - because DB really needs something “new” and nice added to the game in these times of boredom when playing the game. Furthermore, due to the reason that Execution-mode is NOT something new, but something of the past (of the game) and that is has great popularity at most of the old players really, it could help bring up the game a little more.

In my opinion, bringing back Execution would be a small and great start in making the game great again!