Bridge - get 2 obj in one enemy respawn

(OwynTyler) #1

Enemies aced our team right before they finished escorting the EV, we all got 20 sec respawn timer, and while we were still dead they delivered another obj - drug sample… wtf? Absolutely frustrating and really not fair

and one of them wasn’t even sitting on the obj-spawn point as it usually happens which is another problem usually

(TerrorLTZ) #2

yes since u stay there seeing those Text boxes spawn saying Stole, then deliver, then at random it never shows the next was stole it.
SD plz a Bit of Mercy of Defenders on bridge when they get stomped by an army of Rhinos (yes it happened to me), or place the 2nd one far away so the defenders will have a bit of chance preventing Objective camping

(kopyright) #3

In my opinion the defender spawn should be moved forward to make it possible for the defending team to intercept delivery. Another possible minor fix would be to rotate the container 90 degrees and have the attackers deliver both objectives on the same side facing the lab’s entrance (like Trainyard but the other way around).

The one big problem about balancing the third phase on Bridge is that, unlike other delivery maps, this one is about getting the objective away from the defenders, so at one point all they can do it run after whoever has the objective - or stay in their spawn since they won’t be able to catch up anyway.

(kopyright) #4

@stayfreshshoe Would that question/suggestion be eligible for next FAQing Friday?

(OwynTyler) #5

@TerrorLTZ said:
hurr durr your own fault!!11

well, then continue enjoying Chapel as people leave only it selected from map-pool as it has no such big unfair tricks

I had all maps selected then I deselected them one by one as I stumbled upon such moments