Both destroyed

(ASD) #1


while playing 2nd half of stopwatch and we need only to blow one obj to win… but the voice at the end say “both destroyed”… but we didnt destroy both… only one…


(Armuh) #2

This is because the team that lost, attacked in the first round and did not destroy either one of the bombs, In stopwatch you win the game if you complete more objectives than the enemy team or if both teams finish both objectives, the team that does it faster wins. So for your team to win you only had to blow up one train carriage as the enemy team didn’t destroy any.

If you’re talking about the voice, the voice lines for winning games are all generic and the same, for example if you win on Chapel without blowing up the last objective, the announcer still talks as if you did.

(ASD) #3

sure i talk about the voice… yes its obviously generic for complete map and not specials ones for wining stopwatch with for exaplne just doing the first obj because the other team didnt manage it at all in the first round