Bot-difficulty on dedicated server vs. bot-difficulty in offline-match?

(ArkRebel) #1


Just wondered again today about the bots. “Hard”-bots in a game hosted from the client (with the ugly 30 fps limt btw… :frowning: ) are really tough (for bots of course :wink: ), but bots on our dedicated server (according to our admin with highest possible difficulty) are much weaker…
Is this a bug? Or did dhe dedicated server just not geht the AI-Improvements from one of the game-client patches (my personal theory)?

It would be great if the bots could online be as tough as offline, better when joining a (yet) nearly empty server (some have to join and fight bots a while that others human players follow) and better for a team which has for example less human players than the enemy…

Am I right about the different difficultys? What do others think?

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(ArkRebel) #2

Bump Would be nice if any dev could tell if there is a bot-difference on- and offline. What do other players think? :frowning:

(McAfee) #3

That’s because offline, you can’t really change the bot difficulty, it’s mostly Automatic. It is more dependent on your profile’s level than the difficulty level you choose.

eg: Hard on a brand new account is easier than Easy on an account with 100% completion.

Mostly the reason why players who leveled up online first and then tried the challenges, found the challenges to be frustratingly harder than they should, while other players who just started claimed they did it in a breeze. Hurray for consistency.