Binds no longer work in config

(sneak) #1

A while back you randomly changed the ability to bind long jump in the config… and it has to be entered in the console every time the map loads…

would like to get that ability back… especially since you won’t disable the shift modifier which prevents the ability to longjump for people like me, aiming left handed and using numpad keys.

(Mustang) #2

What do you mean by “shift modifier”?

(sneak) #3

When holding the shift key it disables numlock and sends the wrong input via keypad keys

(sneak) #4

So can we get the shift modifier disabled already please? It’s been years and this affects all the left hand aimers because we use numpad keys all the time.

I played just tonight and in during combat my gun started reloading 2-3 times just because of the bug… because I dared to crouch while I was sprinting just before that and I must have overlapped the shift and the keypad decimal keys slightly.

(sneak) #5

Still waiting for shift modifier to be disabled and config binds to be allowed again…

Personally, I could do with either one of those as a workaround… but I see no reason to restrict users from saving binds in the config. I shouldn’t need to bind this every single match.

This config thing was changed a while back and never fixed and nobody ever said anything about changing this so it may have been unintentional :(.

(Demolama) #6

how dare you not use WASD!!

(Mustang) #7

Who Dares, Wins?