Binding the Home key bug, game breaking...

(Anaconda) #1


I’d like to report a bug I found. Now, in all FPS games I play, I always set the Home key to function as “Reload”. For some reason, the key won’t bind in Dirty Bomb. Even if I bind it in controls, when I press it in game, it brings down some sort of console menu, even if it’s set to reload in controls. Using R for reload is really uncomfortable since I use the arrow keys and Delete/End for movement…

Any chance you could fix this before release? Thanks.

(ASD) #2

oh mone more player not using wasd… nice to meet you :slight_smile: I thin we a re the onle 2 players left with oldstile cursor gaming :slight_smile:
I also would like to be able to bind “backspace” this is also not possible!

(Anaconda) #3

Yeah, I hope Splash Damage can fix this, its probably an easy fix that’ll take a few minutes but it would be a big boon for people who use unorthodox control schemes. One of the hallmarks of a good FPS game is being able to freely bind any key to any action.

(Anaconda) #4

And I second the backspace motion, I usually have it set to “use”.

(ASD) #5

backspace is normaly my selfkill, use=enter :slight_smile:

(Anaconda) #6

I set enter to sprint :stuck_out_tongue:

(TheEagleTrooper) #7

but… why?

(Anaconda) #8

More comfortable…I have large hands and WASD is too crowded and cramped, plus it’s further away from the mouse. I’ve been playing FPS since Quake 1, back then, arrow keys were the default controls.

(TheEagleTrooper) #9

ah okay