Bind for Rocket Launcher Firing Mode

(Mustang) #1

Been asking about this for a while, but haven’t had any action, so here is a thread.

Please can we have a bind to change the rocket launcher firing mode.

The reason for this is so it can be dual bound with QuickAbility2.

Bindings=(Name="X", Command="QuickAbility2 | SwitchFiringMode")

I tried using

Bindings=(Name="X", Command="QuickAbility2 | AltFire")

But it causes issues of trigger Ironsight for all other mercs.

(Demolama) #2

ChangeRocketLauncherFireMode is the command.

 Bindings=(Name="X",Command="QuickAbility2 | ChangeRocketLauncherFireMode")   

That should work

(Mustang) #3

Does it actually exist now?

I know someone made it up just to troll, and last I tested in-game it did nothing.

(Demolama) #4

No, it’s a real command. I had to add it myself to my read-only input config when they added Javelin into the game. Initially my altfire would not change rocket modes and I thought it was a bug. Nope, they just sneaked in a new command