BEWARE! 'Turtle Power' Achievement Bug

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

With the Shell Shock update we added some new Achievements to the game. One of them being ‘Turtle Power’ which you earn from owning one of each rarity of Turtle’s Loadouts. Currently, if you complete these requirements you will NOT unlock the Achievement due to a bug.

We will be fixing this in an update (planned for July* 25th).

In the meantime, if you unlock these cards, HOLD ONTO THEM! We’ll do a check and grant the Achievement to all players who meet the requirements shortly after the update goes live. If you do not have all of the required cards at the time of the update, you will NOT receive the Achievement, whether you had them beforehand or not.


(AlbinMatt) #2

Quick question: Does this achievement require Lead and Iron cards? And will we see these achivements made for all the other mercs in the near future?

(everlovestruck) #3

I hope obsidian is not included into the requirement

(TheStrangerous) #4

Is this how you treat your Pokemon collectors… I mean COMPLETIONISTS?

(azz_abdr) #5

So, we don’t have to get all of his cards from all rarity, just one for each rarity, right?
Thank god, owning all cards could take years.

(JonBongNoJovi) #6

So got the Adult achievement just this 1 left , conformation on whats needed before i waste credits/fragments.

(phoenixgamer) #7

DB and Bugs. Tell me something new xoxo

(nokiII) #8

Apparently it’s fixed already.

(pumpkinmeerkat) #9

Probably doesn’t need to be pinned anymore? @Eox