Beginners Guides for the Best Mercs in Dirty Bomb

(solace_) #1

hey everyone,

I thought it would be useful if I posted these videos here. They are my take on some of the best tactics and strategies for various mercs. So far I have covered Aura and Stoker. Next week will be an assault merc. If you have a request for a merc for me to do a video on, leave it below or on one of the videos.

Aura Video:

Stoker Video:

I hope you found these useful. As a reminder, these videos are not for experienced players who have sunk a number of hours into these mercs but rather for people who are new to the mercs or people who are new to Dirty Bomb.

thanks for watching and subscribe if you would like to see my videos in the future! I post Dirty bomb videos a few times a week and I also do fallout 4 videos as well as the occasional CSGO thing. I will be implementing other games in the future.