Beckhill combat knife

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Where is this image from?

It’s on the Dirty Bomb Wiki, when in reality this is the model used in game:

This has bugged me for way too long, someone please help lol

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From what I can tell, looking at older Founder’s cards, it seems to be the older model as the silhouette matches up with the one found on those older cards from the Closed Beta:

The model was likely updated at some point between the end of Closed Beta and the start of Open Beta, but some asset snippets of the old model remain; as can be seen with the way it is depicted in the Loadout Card image above. It’s also present even with current cards as can be seen here on Aimee’s Obsidian Operative Loadout Card:

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Weird though, curious why they changed it.

The blade looks pretty small on the original one so maybe it was to make it better fit with the ideal hitbox they ended up giving it? But then again they could have just stretched the blade instead of making a new one so idk