Banned for offensive language

(Ceviche) #1

Yes, I know I’m a really bad person because I call everyone CHEATER, but banning a beta veteran after 5 years of offensive language is sad. Dirty Bomb is filled with offensive language and cheaters .
I have a borderline personality disorder (it’s not an excuse,just sayin) and can barely put myself in other people’s shoes (is this correct english ,I don’t know - I don’t understand people the way it is expected from me ).
I could have simply been deprived of the opportunity to write in the chat. Steam Moderator Deemer did it in the steam forums,she also blocked me so I can’t ask her to unban me although I asked politely.
I don’t know what to say - I’m just sad

(jemstar) #2

From what you are saying it sounds like a server admin banned you. Is this correct? If so, bans only last for the map it happened on. So not permanent. If steam banned you I can’t understand how or why.

I would just try another server or rejoin after a map or two and the ban will be gone.

The community servers are moderated by admins on their own server only, not game wide. If you were being annoying then they probably banned you for some peace, but as I said it will not be permanent.

Just try respecting the admins and if they ask you to stop a behaviour, do it. They pay to keep the game alive so you should respect their rules.

(Ceviche) #3

No it’s a permanent ban …

(DarkangelUK) #4

What was the offensive language? I’ve only really known people being banned excessive racist language (generally beginning with N)

(Ceviche) #5

It is not displayed for which insults you are banned ,only you are banned for offensive language.I think I just hit the wrong person,maybe a Developer .Whatever since I can’t use my account anymore I pressed the forget me button.I’m only sad cause I paid for stuff I can’t use anymore.

(DarkangelUK) #6

Again it generally takes something excessive to warrant a permanent ban, so I’m suspecting that you got carried away with the racist slurs.

(Mc1412013) #7

Dont know if this will work butbcould you Start new act play a bit get some cards and steam trade the cards into the new act???

(Ceviche) #8

You have to wait 28 days and I’m not sure if it will work .it’s kinda weird to at yourself to your friendslist to do that.

(Mc1412013) #9

Ive adde my self so i dont forget my alternate id cuz sometimes some disps@t team kicks me from my server before i have a chance to log in spawn in as admin. So i use my alt to unban myself so i can get back in and ban the dipsh@t