Banned 5 years ago

(Mecurynl) #1

I was banned 5 years ago and i did try to get an unban now . But the easyanticheat team say that they cant help me because easyanti cheat is implemented 2018.
So is there any way i can play again with my friend on that account ?


(Mustang) #2

As I know your options are to speak to EAC, which you already tried, or to use a different Steam account, it is a free game after all.

(Mecurynl) #3

hey mustang.

thnx for ur message.

yes i know i can play on another steam acc, but on my banned account i have alot of card’s.
there need to be a way to get an unban after all these years, is there a way i can contact dirty bomb directly , ? this is what EAC says to me.

Thank you for reaching out.

Easy Anti-Cheat was introduced to the game in early 2018. Since the sanction on your account was placed before that time, we do not possess any information about it and are unable to assist you.

Hope that explains the situation.
Have a wonderful day!

and thay answer me on my next question .

The sanction can likely only be lifted by the party that issued it. You can contact game support directly for more information and a possible solution.

(Mustang) #4

Hmm, I see what you mean.

Problem is that game support is shutdown now as well.

And it’s not often many relevant people are on the forums on a day to day basis.

You could try messaging Maisy, not really in their wheelhouse, but may be able to point you in the right direction.

Or reaching out to the media team on Twitter.

(Mecurynl) #5

Hey mustang
Thanks for massege me

How can i contact him ? Cant find a option to send him a private message.