Automatic repair bug

(toogi) #1

Type of Bug: Gameplay
Description: Starts to repair anything repairable when near. Not related to any merc or loadout card. It doesnt do this when i join server and play like 2 mins, but after that it starts to happen. Sometimes i get it off when i randomly press F (activate) and then it comes back randomly. Interaction-mode is hold to use in settings. Not sure if it also starts revive, but i play mostly medic so im reviving often anyway, and doesnt seem to do that when i play other classes.
Video / Screenshot: -
Steps to reproduce: Feels like when i first use F to actually repair something or reclaim any deployable, it starts to happen after that.
Result: Not able to shoot or revive as medic (or just generally to do what i want) and this ultimately leads to defeat especially when it happens often in one map/round, or just to failure in that moment.
Expected result: To do what i want.
Reproduction rate: 7/10