AUS/Asia No Servers Available

(ZenVirZan) #1

Hey guys, I coordinated an event yesterday to get groups of people playing ranked and we managed to get plenty of people and teams together to play.

Unfortunately, the ranked queue matched us together, did the countdown, then crashed and failed claiming there’s no available servers to play on.

Have our servers been disconnected?
We tested between 7:30pm -> 9pm AEST on Saturday 4th of September.

I’m planning to host more events like this in the future to encourage competitive play in the oceanic region, but having no servers connected to begin with is a pretty significant issue.

No one would have noticed prior because we don’t usually have the players together to even get matched, let alone find out that the servers aren’t even activated. Fortunately we were able to host them in the DBNation private servers instead, but if SD could fix this, it’d be much appreciated.

(doxjq) #2

Should be fixed @Saltasaurus. Shoe got Toomic to look into it and apparently it should be sorted :slight_smile:

(ZenVirZan) #3

Fantastic, good to hear!