[Aura Bug] - Locked in Healing Station after being revived

(midnightSponge) #1

I tried to place a Healing Station in one skirmish, but halfway through placing it I got shot down. A second after someone defibrillated me, and when I got up I was still in the placing. So I hit Q, nothing happened, tried to get myself a good position, mashed Q and eventually placed the station, but was still locked in the placement. I tried to switch weapons, tried to move for a bit, defibrillate, nothing helped. It somehow let me do something after a while, but all my teammates were dead and I followed suit.
All of it happened in a span of around 30 seconds at max.

After that happened, my W and S randomly decided to stop working throughout the game, but I yet have to confirm if that was part of that bug or if it was something with my keyboard or some Toggle Sprint bug.