August 28th Update: The 1.0 Update

(Jigstraw) #41

why does nvidia highlights not have a quad kill setting? i feel like triple kills aren’t impressive enough to be worth saving 99% of the time, but if you turn it off it’ll only be grabbing aces.

I also feel like there’s no point in saving first bloods or ammo badges

(kittz0r) #42

2 Shot 95% of Mercs with a Shotgun from Medium Range is Nerfed into Ground SeemsGood

(bgyoshi) #43

Not a soul on the planet can consistently 2 shot with any shotgun that isn’t the Remburg, and any person consistently 2 shotting players is playing against trash noobs

Even in level 100+ servers, getting killed by a shotgun is a pretty clear sign that you need to drop down to an easier server and improve first

Shotguns are garbage