August 28th Update: The 1.0 Update

(Melinder) #21

fucking rofl. if you’re bad at sniping no shit you’re going to be useless to the team. even with this change the bodyshot damage is too high.

being rewarded by removing half of a mercs HP from a safe distance because you missed the head. what a joke.

(KeepCaIm) #22

“safe distance”. What safe distance? Dirtybomb smgs and assault rifle weapons have near 100% accuracy on the first 3-4 bullets. And those 3-4 bullets outdamage a single sniper body-shot if the map isn’t chapel or that one long part of bridge. And how many sections of a map are sniper friendly? And in how many games do sniper shots deal 70-80% of the enemies health in damage from a body-shot? And in a fast paced game like DB, who’s going to wait for you to get the second bullet in the sniper chamber? And how often do you actually have an actual good sniper in a server? Don’t know if you have played against serious players, but they know how NOT to stand in one place, waiting to get headshoted and they certainly can bring you down to 0hp with smgs from a fairly long distance and still stay mobile and deadly at close to medium ranges. All I’m asking is for the snipers to be kinda useful in the hands of non super tryhard people.

(Your worst knifemare.) #23

Overall Sparps is now less effective at healing teamates and herself. :aimean:

Guardy can finally be useful against Artys now.

And the best part is that there’s less explosive spam.

(l2c) #24

Not a even a single mention of Phantom, just a nerf of melee. Fix the cloak so it’s not obvious as heck, or completely invisible already. He’s completely useless now, even moreso when you nerf melee. Just play any other SMG merc instead.

(Meetrock) #25

Now I gotta wait 5 more seconds to nade a corridor, dang it.

(Meetrock) #26

They fucked it up with Stoker tbh, his molotov was just fiiiine.

(Jigstraw) #27

the problem with making anything accessible for unskilled players is it also makes it that much more powerful in the hands of highly skilled players. You can’t balance for the bottom level, or it will have a severe, unwanted impact on the top level.

(bgyoshi) #28

Grats on the 1.0 release!

I like seeing grenade nerfs… but these cooldown increases aren’t even close to high enough.

Keep them coming! Once Arty has to wait almost a minute per artillery strike, he might actually not make every match cancer!

(henki000) #29


Yeah, but snipers are underperforming in top level play too. Thats precisely the point, why they should be buffed. Think about it like this way. Why we see 2 medics, instead of 2 snipers in meta?

(bgyoshi) #30

Medics are the strongest class in every game that utilizes them. Even when snipers were dominant, there was only one on a team, and often times 2 medics.

Underperforming at the top level is good for now. The next step is cutting down the dominance of explosives and turning them into a utility item instead of an assault item.

(Kirays) #31

Good stuff, congratulations on finally releasing some long anticipated features. :skyhappy:

(Mc1412013) #32

I expected more. No big release vid with commander, no advertisements. No secret releases like new merc or new maps. Thos felt like it was just another monthly update. And i could have swarn there was more partnerships ontop.of nvidia and faceit. They did a live stream with devs but inwould have liked to have seen them skype with mis murder or raz eve n if it was for 2 or 3 min, they were big part of most of the beta. I know w raz still plays time to time

Honestly i knew this was go na be a weak *ss release but it still disapointed. I kinda feel like if nexon was still involved and didnt slow things down there would have been advertisements and promotional stuff.

(PariahDog) #33

Melee doesn’t need slower swing speed, it needs a 25%-50% damage nerf across the board.

(Bloodndeception) #34

You guys completely ruined the katana for Kira, now still fully marketing Phantom as a melee class with all the quick slash options he has. Revert the swing speed, & nerf the damage, as a company you should buff what is weak, and leave what is good as good.

(007Nightfire) #35

How can continuously under performing be a good thing? Snipers should be an option, a tactical move to use one or not. If snipers aren’t used because they can’t do damage, then it’s broken. Only when two snipers on a team becomes the meta, then we have an other problem. Not every match or map needs sniper, as you say, they are different from medics. Medics are at the core of the game, snipers don’t have to (/shouldn’t) be, however no map really invites to play a sniper now (close quarters, fast movements). So guessing the maps wont change soon, the class should change. OR the snipers aren’t something for this game and the guns change, either way, changes are to be made.

(Stokes) #36

Yeah, I was playing sniper earlier and it felt under whelming, I’m not that great at getting headshots, I get lucky once in a while. Some things just felt…meh. I like playing the MOA with quick scoping and it just felt lacking and I only use sniper to counter other sniper’s, so now with the way it is, I’d rather try something else that would better my chances on a team. Oh, and when I do miss a headshot it almost feels like certain death with some of these incredible aim people have lately, yeah, from across the map. It almost feels like I can’t get out of the way fast enough to avoid death.

(bgyoshi) #37

Correct, which is how it is now.

Unlike before, where EVERY match at the competitive level had a sniper.

So it’s good they’re underwhelming for now, because it changes the meta which badly needed changing. Granted, it’s not a HUGE change, but any change is better than none.

(007Nightfire) #38

I think I misunderstood what you meant by underwhelming before. I agree that snipers shouldn’t dominate a match. Although I also think that there is no place for them in a competitive match at this moment, too underwhelming if you’d ask me. As long as they are put on the fix list I’m okay with it.

(Nish) #39

Love the update! Can we have more trinkets in the shop - If it is possible to buy the previous trinkets that would be nice. Since you guys already started with the weapon skin, can we also have uniform skins - most likely for colors and extra equipment design - like backpack, flash light, bandana, ammo belt or medkit belt or medkit backpack - only for designs - could be an obsidian extra character design - can be equipped under the trinket option or if you would another equipment tab. :slight_smile:

(p4v) #40

I came back after 2 years to see what you changed for 1.0 and I must admit that the first impression was good. New mercs, a few new maps and redux versions. Not too shabby. Thank God you got rid of lead and iron loadouts which in the past led clueless people to think that anything with more perks is pay2win.

But then…

  1. I realized that you nerfed shotguns to the ground.
  2. Connection for 1.0 isn’t stable. I occasionally get disconnected midway through a match.
  3. I had over 8000 rads or whatever you call this currency. Bought a few weapon cases and skins that drop have less details than old Alienware skins. No interesting patterns just a color swap? Well, that certainly isn’t something you would be getting money from.
  4. Still no Polish mercenary. Sad panda. You should eventually make one and call him Janusz since it’s our popular meme name +100 to awesomeness (this name is associated with being a scrooge and cheapening out at every opportunity, so a merc could be somehow related to that lol).