At least a final balancing update?

(Zero Phoenix) #1

Well…I guess some people already saw me post something like this. Long story short, BR16 and Stark need a buff, either bring back their old firerate and accuracy or find a balance point between what they used to be like and what they are now is both fine, just dont leave them like this, please. I know burst rifle is design to be better than auto rifle in the hands of skillful player, but now the only way to make it good is to land every single shot within the burst on enemy’s head like an aimbot.
Try spend half or maybe an hour of your weekend in DB, pick up Arty or Kira and go for a few round, and you will understand me.
Splash Damage, thank you for bringing us such an amazing game, and I feel sorry for cant do anything to revive DB, but please, can you come back and amaze us for even just one more timeÕ_Õ?

(Mc1412013) #2

Some of the devs still play d.b. and they would love to still be working on d.b but unfortunately its the higher ups controlling the money that killed d.b not the devs

(Zero Phoenix) #4

honestly I dont think it will take a lot of resources and time for just simply do some change on BR and Stark’s stats, just open the game folder, change some number and there you go…

(ASD) #5

if everything is so easy why you dont just develope your own game and share it with us?

(Zero Phoenix) #6

So I have to be able to lay eggs to say it is easy for a hen to do?